Safety. Security. Piece of Mind

A complete School Safety Program that provides School Safety along with smart preventative support systems.

A comprehensive prevention and intervention approach

With School Resource Officers(Pinal County Sheriff’s Deputies) on staff to provide protection and support for students, while serving as an available resource to the school community. Emotional Support Counselors will also be on-hand to support students who need it most.

01. Security

This override will provide one school resource officer per campus across the district.

02. Prevention

This override will provide Emotional Support Counselors on every campus in the district

03. Smaller Class Sizes

This override will allow the district to hire more quality teachers to reduce class size and increase student achievement.

Collaborative Efforts That Goes Above & Beyond Safety

Keeping students safe isn’t just about providing good, sound security. It is also about supporting students to get the help they need before they feel like they have no options left.

Program Breakdown

School resource Officers

Throughout The District

Emotional Support Counselors

throughout the district


Reduction in class sizes

cost per day

on average

Program Facts

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97¢ Per Day

97¢ Per Day

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