97¢ Per Day

97¢ Per Day

The Florence Unified School District Maintenance and Operations Override will provide more safety for our students, emotional support counselors for our students, and smaller class sizes to increase student achievement.

The 15% override will provide the funds needed to support the additional Pinal County Sheriff’s deputies at every campus, as well as the increase in emotional support counselors, and the addition of more highly qualified teachers on every campus to reduce class sizes while increasing student achievement.

Better schools make better communities and support local home values.  Education is an investment that our local community supports to create a better tomorrow.

On average, this override will cost the average homeowner less than $1.00 per day (about 97 cents).  For less than a dollar a day, we can support safety and support for all of our kids while also investing in a better future for our community.  Join us, and vote YES!

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