What Are Overrides and Why Are They Important?

What Are Overrides and Why Are They Important?

Bonds & Overrides

Bonds and overrides are voter-approved initiatives that generate additional tax revenue to fund projects and operations for local school districts and community colleges. Bonds and overrides are tools that a local community can use to provide funds for their local schools and colleges above and beyond what the state provide.

What is an override?

Overrides are used to provide additional funding to support what happens inside school or community college classrooms (teaching, learning and operations). There are three types of overrides. A maintenance and operations override (M&O) supports things such as teacher salaries, benefits, supplies and general operations. A special override supports specific programs, such as full-day kindergarten, art, music, physical education, etc. And finally, a capital override funds equipment, furniture, technology, vehicles, etc.
School districts may ask for an increase of up to 15% of their budget for their M&O override, up to 5% for a special override and up to 10% for a capital override (M&O and special overrides combined cannot equal more than 15%). Overrides are approved for a term of 7 years. Many school districts will ask voters to approve a renewal in year 4 or 5 of an override to maintain a consistent level of funding. If not renewed, the amount decreases by 1/3 in the 6th year and 2/3 in the 7th year.

Why are Bonds and Overrides Important?

Bonds and overrides provide local funding for schools and community colleges. Over the past few years, our schools and colleges have weathered significant state funding cuts. Meanwhile, Arizona’s teachers and students have been asked to meet higher expectations and do more with less. We can’t expect our schools to provide a world-class education without the resources to do so.

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